Wholesale Buyer of Unrefined Precious Metals

PMR is the first choice in precious metal refining, ranging from gold and silver to platinum and palladium. We buy, refine and assay precious metals of all types for a wide range of buyers, including jewelers, goldsmiths, pawn shops, dentists, electronic manufacturers, and many more.  PMR is not open to the public, and buys only on a wholesale basis.  We are committed to exemplary customer service.

The PMR Difference

Why is PMR the leading choice for gold refining, silver refining and beyond?

Settlement Satisfaction

Premium Payment

Fast Service

Environmentally Safe

No Extra Fees

You’re Our Priority

Rush Service Available

Let’s Go! – For high-quality refining services that starts with gold, silver, platinum and palladium, contact PMR today. Expedite your metal refining request. Call us at (303) 468-1111 or send an email.