Gold recycling is one of the chief driving forces behind the precious metal market.

Much of that demand for gold is thanks to the jewelry industry, which is estimated to fuel as much as three-fourths of the nation’s demand for gold. What’s more, jewelry is also a chief source of the materials needed for gold recycling, providing businesses such as pawnbrokers and antique shops with lucrative opportunities for additional revenue streams.

Since jewelry is, in general, so easily (and frequently) recycled, the market for businesses to perform that recycling is in demand like never before. Combine that demand with gold’s prestige factor and reliable record of economic growth, and the benefits of partnering with PMR for high-quality gold recycling services becomes clearer than ever.

PMR is proud to service businesses worldwide; we can accept shipments from most international locations. Thanks to our on-site facilities, our turnaround time is hard to beat. Contact us today and learn how PMR can help you meet your unique gold recycling business needs.