Platinum recycling from PMR lets you quickly and conveniently sell the recyclable platinum brought in to your business by your customers.

As one of the most valuable precious metals, platinum recycling offers a rich source of revenue and demand for any metals-related business, and can provide consumer-oriented businesses like pawnbrokers, jewelers, and antique shop owners with a rich source of revenue in the form of consumer purchasing, trade-ins, and recycling. Platinum recycling typically includes consumer and industrial market goods such as crucibles, wire, foil, coins, automobile converters, rings, among many other related items.

High industry cash recovery prices are available from PMR, the leader in platinum recycling. We’ll help you turn your supply of this expensive metal into a reliable and direct source of revenue. Our prices are set daily based on the major global indexes, so prices are reliable and consistent with the market. Plus, with our on-site facilities, we’re able to meet your platinum recycling needs quickly and efficiently. Reach out to today and discover out how PMR can meet your unique platinum recycling needs.

Due to the complex nature of refining PGM (platinum group metals) there is a 14 week delay in final settlement of PGM lots. Customers will be advanced 90% of estimated total value upon receipt by PMR with final settlement to follow once completed.